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Maimonides Medical Center’s reputation as a leader in medical excellence is evident throughout our many clinical divisions and subspecialties. Under the leadership of Stephan Kamholz, MD, chairman of the department of medicine, our tradition of excellence in patient care, medical training and innovative research is consistent with our commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of you and your family. From heart care to geriatric medicine, our many areas of medical expertise are available to help manage your family’s healthcare needs.


Kamholz, Stephan MD
Chair, Department of Medicine
(718) 283-7073

Cohen, David MD
Senior Vice-Chair,
Department of Medicine
Senior Vice-President,
Clinical Integration
(718) 283-6392

Paris, Barbara MD
Vice-Chair & Director, Division
 of Geriatric Services
(718) 283-7071

Astrow, Alan MD
Director, Hematology
and Medical Oncology
(718) 765-2600

Ira Mayer, MD
Director, Division
of Gastroenterology
(718) 283-7476

Burnstein, Penina MD
Director, Division
of Dermatology
(718) 437-4500

Nelson, Marcia DO
Director, Acute Care
for the Elders (ACE) Unit
(718) 975-7362

Chapnick, Edward MD
Director, Division
of Infectious Diseases
(718) 283-7492

Popp,Beth MD
Director, Palliative Medicine
(718) 765-2629

Frankel, Robert MD
Director, Interventional Cardiology
(718) 283-7480

Sadiq, Adnan MD
Director, Echocardiography
(718) 283-6805

Girgis, Wagdy MD
Director, Maimonides
Wound Care and
Hyperbaric Center
(718) 283-8590

Schiff, Carl MD
Director, Division
of Rheumatology
(718) 283-8519

Greenberg, Sheldon MD
Director, Nephrology Division
(718) 283-7908

Shani, Jacob MD
Chair, Department of Cardiology
(718) 283-7480

Greengart, Alvin MD
Director, Non-Invasive Cardiology
(718) 871-4600

Silverberg, Arnold MD
Director, Division of
Metabolism & Endocrinology
(718) 283-6200

Hamaoui, Elie MD
Director, Metabolic
Support Service
(718) 283-7129

Tse, Chisai DO
Director, Osteopathic
Medical Education
(718) 283-6980

Hollander, Gerald MD
Director, Clinical Cardiology
(718) 283-7643

Wexelman, Warren MD
Director, Clinical Therapeutics
(718) 375-1600

Iswara, Kadirawelpillai MD
Director, Endoscopy
Program Director,
Gastroenterology Fellowship
(718) 615-0400

Zhou, Ping MD
Director, Hospitalists Services
(718) 980-3247

Karam, Jocelyne MD
Director, Endocrinology Division
(718) 283-5906

Tessler, Sidney MD
Director, Pulmonary &
Critical Care Medicine
(718) 283-8380

Keilson,Marshall MD
Director, Neurology
(718) 283-7470

Kopel, Samuel MD
Medical Director
(718) 283-6430

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