A Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Formally Opens the Hybrid OR

Brooklyn, NY (October 2012) - Maimonides Medical Center recently unveiled the ultra-modern Hybrid Operating Room (OR) at a festive ribbon-cutting ceremony. This addition enables a unique team approach in which multiple specialties collaborate to perform minimally invasive surgeries. The Hybrid OR minimizes both risk and recovery time, while also maximizing outcomes for our patients.

The Hybrid OR at Maimonides allows interventional radiologists to work together with cardiologists, vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists and electrophysiologists (EP) to create a smoother, more efficient surgical experience for the patient. Formerly, patients with complex conditions needed to undergo procedures in multiple rooms designated for EP, cardiac catheterization and surgery.

With the new Hybrid OR, however, one room seamlessly encompasses all of these specialties – saving time, space and resources, and improving the patient experience. Various teams of doctors can work side-by-side to perform complicated hybrid procedures such as TAVR and atrial fibrillation ablation in this setting.  

“The Hybrid OR opens the door to countless cutting-edge procedures we can now offer our patients here at Maimonides,” says Dr. Patrick Borgen, Chair of Surgery. “The benefits to patients are many: less stress, less anesthesia, and a reduced risk of infection are a few of the advantages.” 

Beyond the convenience of housing multiple specialties in one room, the Hybrid OR is stocked with fixed high-quality imaging systems such as the Phillips HeartNavigator. This state-of-the-art imaging system captures multiple views of the same body part and puts them together to produce one 3-D image. Such technologic advances enable doctors to plan more efficiently for each procedure, improve visibility and navigation within the body, enhance the accuracy of each procedure, and improve safety for patients. 

The opening of the Hybrid OR at Maimonides Medical Center is an exciting new development for our staff and patients, and continues our tradition of providing excellence in patient care, medical training and innovative research. For more information, please call (718) 283-7687 or click here.


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