Mary Carpentieri who is thanked for donating a stunning new ambulance to the Maimonides Emergency Department.
(October 2007; Brooklyn, NY) - Maimonides Medical Center recently received a generous gift from local resident Mary Carpentieri who donated a stunning new ambulance to the Maimonides Emergency Department in memory of her loving husband, Louis A. Carpentieri.

“This is the gift that will keep on giving,” said Dr. Steven Davidson, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Maimonides. “Countless lives will be impacted by Mrs. Carpentieri’s philanthropy.”

According to Dr. Davidson, the ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as built-in satellite GPS with turn-by-turn navigation, and an advanced system to receive calls from fire and police dispatch. Back-up sensors will alert the driver when the ambulance is getting too close to an obstacle, and a rearview camera will further enhance the safety of the vehicle. new ambulance to the Maimonides Emergency Department.

This new ambulance also helps first responders overcome one of their biggest challenges: the concentration of traffic. The sound of an ambulance siren can be muffled by loud music or advanced soundproofing -- people often are unaware of an oncoming emergency vehicle until they actually see it. The new Maimonides ambulance is equipped with a “rumbler siren” that creates a vibration people can feel even before they hear it, allowing drivers ample time to move out of the path of the emergency vehicle.

 “The features of this ambulance will allow our paramedics to safely respond to critical situations in less time,” said Dr. Davidson. “And every minute saved can improve a patient’s chances of recovery.”

Mrs . Carpentieri and many of her family members were on hand for the unveiling of the Louis A. Carpentieri Ambulance. Emergency Department staff thanked them profusely for the generous gift that will help save lives throughout the community. For more information on ways you can make a difference, please contact the Development Office of Maimonides Medical Center at 718-283-8200.
Emergency Department staff thanked Mrs . Carpentieri.Emergency Department staff thanked Mrs . Carpentieri.
Emergency Department staff thanked Mrs . Carpentieri.
photos by Willie Wood


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