To whom it may concern:

I had several fibroids that needed to be removed and was informed of this surgery which included robotics as part of the surgical procedure.  I was scared once I heard the robotics part, but I must admit I felt reassured that Dr. Pedram Bral had performed this procedure a countless amount of times.  His Medical Admininistrator, Fagie, made me feel quite confident and was also aware of Dr. Bral's experience with the use of robotics as she too, had undergone a similar procedure.

I must admit that this was a major surgery for me as one of the fibroids was located in a sensitive area, between my ovaries and bladder which made it a scary procedure.  Throughout the preparation process at Maimonides Medical Center, I received the best quality care I could ask for.  Every step of the way I was reassured this was a an everyday procedure and that I had nothing to worry about.  I felt very at ease up to being placed under anesthesia where my next memory would be the completion of my procedure. 

It took about a months time to completely heal.  The most interesting thing about the procedure was that the areas where the robotics part of the surgery was performed healed immediately with very minimal pain, whereas, the area that was not done by robotics took a months time to heal.

I was very pleased with my surgery and would recommend to those that would need a procedure such as mine to not hesitate in choosing the robotics as the primary course of surgery.  Good luck!


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