Digital Video and Communications Technologies, Innovative Design are Key to Creating Optimal Setting for a Range of Surgical Procedures


BROOKLYN, NY (September 30, 2009) - Maimonides Medical Center has opened nine new operating rooms (ORs) in a stunning suite that represents the state of the art in surgical care. The rooms feature the very latest video and computer technologies that allow surgical teams to easily and instantly access a wide range of images, tools and information, in a setting carefully designed to optimize their performance.

new operating rooms (ORs) in a stunning suite that represents the state of the art in surgical care.Each OR has a series of video monitors, including a main 42-inch screen that typically displays an overview of each surgical procedure while it is taking place, providing a key teaching tool for surgeons-in-training. In the corner of every room is a nursing documentation station, where a surgical nurse can direct digital images to various monitors in the room. These might be enlarged close-ups of the surgical field itself, or digital images of x-rays, MRIs and other portions of the patient's electronic health record.

One of the most striking visual features of the ORs are the booms hanging from the ceiling that are used to suspend monitors, lights and almost all other key equipment. Having less equipment on the floor improves efficiency and infection control.

"These remarkable operating rooms were designed in consultation with key members of our surgical teams, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and technicians," said David Feldman, MD, Maimonides' vice president of perioperative services and vice chair of the Department of Surgery. "The new technologies and innovative design will have a tremendous impact on both the quality and efficiency of surgical care at Maimonides."

"Our skilled surgical teams now have the ideal working environment for performing both routine and extremely complex surgical procedures," said Pamela Mestel, RN, Maimonides executive director of perioperative services. "The entire suite is optimal not only for performing surgeries, but also for teaching the next generation of surgeons."

Four of the ORs are set up specifically for cardiac surgeries. They feature additional display monitors and more floor space to accommodate vital equipment and larger surgical teams.

Various new features will improve efficiency, including cameras in the ORs that allow schedulers to know the status of surgeries, and enhanced computerized inventory systems.

The suite of new operating rooms is located within the nine-level, 92,600 square-foot new pavilion opened last year. To learn more about the innovative delivery of care at Maimonides Medical Center, visit the website at


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