Hello all! This is my experience in a nutshell with fibroids and their removal. In October 2007 I began bleeding irregularly to the point where I had to take myself to the emergency room. Given the diagnosis of fibroids I tried several things to control bleeding from taking 3 birth control pills a day to, and including luperon depot shots to shut down ovaries. I went from a 14 hemoglobin count to a 5. I was falling down stairs, barely alert when walking and was forced to get a transfusion in order to divert from permanently damaging organs in my body. My doctor came across Dr. Bral’s practice in robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery. Being overweight, my doctor was concerned for me in having to have surgery but Dr. Bral was optimistic and scheduled me.

After almost three months of continual non stop bleeding, from June 6, 2008 until Doctor Bral completed the surgery on August 22, 2008. It took about 3-4 hours and I was sent home the next day. They prescribed me pain medication, after the third day home I did not need to take it as the pain was minimal. Day 3, my bleeding stopped all together and I ventured out to walk around the block. Day 5 I could take the garbage out and walk around the block a few times at an easy pace. Day 6, I could walk about and have dinner with friends in a restaurant taking it easy. I found a combination of walking and resting limited any pressure I felt in my tummy as it was still sore and a bit tender. Day 7 I could lie on my side with little to no pain and continued to increase my walking and maintained time for rest as well. Chores were not a problem unless it is lifting heavy groceries. ( Do groceries and laundry prior to the surgery). It is 2 weeks later, I can walk around the track about 10 times and do my daily activities like clean and sit and do paper work. I am returning to work in 2 days and outside of refraining from lifting heavy objects I cannot see any problems. I have 4 small incisions that are healed and almost tender free (they are far from a direct incision and barely noticeable). I will make sure that for another 4 weeks I do not lift any heavy objects and increase my daily activities little by little until I am completely back at 100%. But 2 weeks after surgery, I am headed back to work and moving around more than I have in months.

Dr. Bral will never know the peace he has given my body. I spent months losing simple functions like walking a block without having to stop and regain my senses or having to turn back because I was just bleeding too much. I feel much better than I have in months and it’s almost impossible for me to believe I had surgery only 2 weeks ago. This procedure not only has restored me, but made it easier for me not to lose any more time in my life than I have already from the side effects of fibroids. Thank you Dr. Bral for helping me in regaining my life back! I would recommend patients who have tried other recourses that do no manifest in healing to at the very least meet with Dr. Bral and inquire about his procedure. (Did I mention the incisions are barely noticeable?)

Surgery date August 22, 2008
Return to work and life: September 8, 2008

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