Friendly nurses.
Vivian Barber, RN
"I don't see myself going anywhere else to work. I get to spend time talking with patients and families, and they get the quality care they deserve. I love everyday that I come to work. This hospital is like my second home."

Florence Watson, RN
"As a nurse at Maimonides, you have the autonomy and resources to develop yourself professionally. I've never felt like an outsider here. The coordination among the nurses, doctors and the Rapid Response Team impresses me everyday."

Maimonides,has a strong support staff 
"Everyday I am on the floor with my patients I realize they look to me for answers. They appreciate what you're doing and that makes me realize I am doing a good job... I have a great career".    



Marva Forde, RN
"After 30 years at Maimonides, I must grade the institution as great. What I like most is the community. The patients and staff are from many nations and I've learned to say a few words in a lot of different languages." 

Kerry Mallon, RN
"So many thingsā€¦this is the most unique hospital of all! The cultures, languages and the people. Everyday is like a trip around the world."

Seana Friedman, RN
"The nurse to patient ratio here is very good. People are friendly and the department is well organized. But for me, what stands out the most about Maimonides, is that we have an incredibly strong support staff."








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