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Pre Admission Testing
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What is Pre Admission Testing (PAT)?
Before having your surgery or procedure at Maimonides, it is important that the operating room team and your physician have complete medical information on your condition. You will need to visit the pre admission testing office if you are scheduled for an operative procedure or a procedure that requires blood tests, an EKG or X-rays. The (PAT) visit includes a physical examination, a review of your medical history and a nursing assessment. You will also receive information on pain management and preoperative information and instructions.

How is an appointment made?
If your procedure or surgery is scheduled for more than three weeks in advance the PAT office will make an appointment and notification will be mailed to you. If your procedure or surgery is scheduled within seven days, you will receive a phone call from a staff member who will assist you in making an appointment. Appointments are scheduled from Monday –Friday 7AM to 4PM. Please be aware that the office staff does all it can to minimize the wait time.

What to expect during a PAT visit:
You will be greeted and asked to verify relevant information including a telephone number where you can be reached. It is very important that we have a correct phone number because we need to reach you the night before surgery. You will be informed of what time to arrive at the Medical Center for your surgery/procedure.

You will be escorted to the examining area where your vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure height and weight will be taken. You will then be escorted to an examining room. The patient care technician will also draw your bloods for testing and take your EKG if needed. If you have had blood tests in the past thirty days or x-rays in the past six months, it would be helpful if your doctor would give you a copy of them or ask to have them faxed to the PAT office.

A nurse practitioner will interview you, conduct a physical exam and take a history, including medications you are currently on and allergies you may have. Please bring a list of all the medications you are taking. The nurse practitioner will also provide you with pre-operative patient information, which will help you be more knowledgeable about the procedure you are having and post operative care. He/She will determine if you need blood work, urine, an EKG or a chest x-ray. You will also be asked to sign a consent for surgery.

An anesthesiologist will take a short health history and discuss the different types of anesthesia that you can consider for your operation. You will sign the consent for anesthesia and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding anesthesia. You may also discuss the methods available to you for postoperative pain control. Please inform the doctor of any over the counter medication or herbal medication you are taking.

What about Pain Management?
At the Medical Center we offer state of the art pain control with a patient controlled analgesia pump. Your comfort is our priority and all staff members are coordinated in your individualized pain management care after your procedure and upon discharge.

Important Information:

  1. You may eat, drink and take your medications before your pre- admission visit; you do not have to fast.
  2. Please bring a list of the medications you are currently taking and the times you take them. You may bring the pill bottles. Please bring your drug prescription card also if you have one.
  3. If you have any advance directives such as a health care proxy or living will, please bring them with you.
  4. If your surgery requires the use of crutches post operatively you will be sent to the rehabilitation department to learn crutch walking.
  5. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
    1. If the child is having surgery the child must come to PAT with the parent or legal guardian.
    2. If the child is brought to PAT by anyone other than the Parent /Legal Guardian they must have a consent letter from the Parent/Legal Guardian. They must also come with a phone number where we may reach the Parent/Legal Guardian so we may get the consent for the operation and anesthesia.
  6. Please be aware that if you are going home the same day as having the surgery, you must make arrangements to have someone take you home, since you will not be allowed to drive and will need someone to accompany you home.
  7. If you cannot keep an appointment at PAT or cancel your surgery with the doctor, please notify us as soon as possible.
  8. You will be called the night before your surgery between 3:00-5:30pm, regarding the time you should arrive for surgery. Please be aware that the time you are given is generally about two hours before the time of you surgery/procedure.

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