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Maimonides is dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of the health care we provide. We measure quality not only with respect to clinical outcomes (i.e. mortality and infection rates, safety), but also in how our patients rate their experience — staff interaction, communication, and cleanliness.

Below we have presented Maimonides' rankings. We have highlighted the improvements already made and those underway. We have also included links to well-known and respected organizations and information sources that may provide verification and more in-depth information should you wish to learn more.

Overall Performance Improvement Principles:
In order to improve care, we use a systematic and scientific approach to continuously analyze processes of care and clinical outcomes. When we identify an opportunity for improvement we form a team to examine the process. The team works toward clarifying the variations in the process and determines a course of corrective action. Once the plan is implemented, we review the data to determine the effectiveness of our intervention.

Clinical Quality

Core Measures are indicators that show, in a percentage or as a rate, how often a health care provider gives the recommended care for pneumonia, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and surgical care. The recommendations are based upon scientific evidence about treatments that are known to give the best results. These results are called "standards of care". The goal for all medical facilities is to provide these core measures to 100% of eligible/appropriate patients. (Each Maimonides graph is a composite of the "standards of care" within a treatment area. The composite represents the number of times a hospital performed the appropriate action across all measures for a condition, divided by the number of opportunities the hospital had to provide appropriate care for that condition. )

   Pneumonia:  More Information > 
   Heart Attack (AMI): More Information >               
   Heart Failure: More Information >
   Surgical Care Improvement Process (SCIP): 
More Information >

Hospital-acquired infections are a serious issue, and at Maimonides we believe that these infections are preventable. We have made reducing hospital infections a top priority and have implemented evidence-based best clinical practices that have been proven to reduce the chance of surgical site infections. More Information > 

Outcome Measures examine "readmission rates", for patients who have had a recent stay in the hospital and then return to the hospital within 30 days of their previous discharge. They also review "mortality rates", for patients who die from any cause within 30 days of their hospital admission. Specifically, they look at these rates for patients who have had a heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia. More Information >

Many of our efforts to improve patient safety make use of simple, but highly effective tools: More Information >   

  • Better Care Through Checklists
  • Operating Room Briefings and Debriefings
  • Rapid Response Teams
  • Safety Dashboards
  • Communication and Teamwork Training
  • Borrowing from the Best
  • Computerized Provider Order Entry

When patients trust their care to Maimonides, our physicians, nurses and staff strive to make the experience the best that it can be, not just medically, but personally. One indicator of how well we are doing comes from patient feedback.

HCAHPS, which stands for Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems, is a new, government-required survey for measuring the patient experience. Since everyone must use the same survey and data collection methodology, HCAHPS allows for "apples-to-apples" comparisons of hospitals. More Information >



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